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Tin Machine - Munich ´91  (2 DVD),


Items are listed as they appear on DVD - ie sometimes there is more than one concert per title. If you are interested in trading please email me


Disc 1:

1. Arsenio Hall Show, December 13th, 1991, US TV, incl.: “A Big Hurt”, interview, “Heaven’s In Here”, (very) good quality, 21:20 mins.;

 2. Saturday Night Live; November 23rd, 1991, NBC, incl.: “Baby Universal”, “If There Is Something”, finale, very good quality, 8:35 mins.;

 3. Countdown; 1989, incl.: video footage “Tin Machine”, rehearsal footage NYC “I Can’t Read”, interview, (very) good quality, 14:50 mins.;

4. MTV Week In Rock; June 3rd, 1989, MTV Europe, incl.: rehearsal footage “Heaven’s In Here”, interview with DB and Reeves Gabrels, rehearsal footage “I Can’t Read”, video footage “Tin Machine”, (very) good quality, 4:34 mins.;

5. “Tin Machine” promo video, very good quality, 9 mins.;


Disc 2:

Tin Machine – Live In Munich´91; Tin Machine Live At Circus Krone, Munich, Germany, October 12th, 1991, private shot,

You Belong In Rock´n´Roll

Betty Wrong



Baby Universal

One Shot

Go Now

Sacrifice Yourself

You Can’t Talk


If There Is Something

Heaven’s In Here

Crack City

“Pretty Thing

A Big Hurt (very) good quality, 89 mins.



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