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Do You Remember A Guy…VOL. 2;

Items are listed as they appear on DVD - ie sometimes there is more than one concert per title. If you are interested in trading please email me


1. A&E Biography; US TV, 11/2002, very good quality, 88 mins.;

2. New Cuts; 2002, incl.: “Slow Burn” (same performance as TOTP), good quality, 4 mins.;

3. VH-1 Vogue Fashion Awards; October 15th, 2002, incl.: “Cactus”, “Rebel Rebel”, pretty good quality, 6 mins.;

4. Private Dancer; 1985, incl.: Tina Turner + DB “Let’s Dance”/”Let’s Dance”, pretty good quality, 3:30 mins.;

5. “Unknown”, 10/03, Swedish TV, incl.: live footage Copenhagen “New Killer Star”, footage of fans, video footage “Life On Mars”, live footage “Fame”, interview footage, pretty good quality, 2 mins.;

6. Rosie O’Donnell Show; 1997, incl.: interview, “Rosie Girl”, interview (Iman joins in), “Seven Years In Tibet”, pretty bad quality, 10:30 mins.;

7. Late Show With David Letterman; September 22nd, 2003, CBS, incl.: “New Killer Star”, quality ok, 4:30 mins.;

8. VH-1 GQ Awards ´97; incl.: “Fashion”, “I’m Afraid Of Americans”, “Little Wonder”, “Moonage Daydream”, good quality, 21 mins.;

9. Late Show With David Letterman ´97; incl.: “Dead Man Walking”, pretty good quality, 5:30 mins.;

10. Last Call With Carson Daly; US TV, August 1st, 2002, incl.: footage of people talking about DB, interview, “Everyone Says Hi”, “interview, “Cactus”, very good quality, 21 mins.;

11. Net Aid; UK TV, October 9th, 1999, incl.: “China Girl”, pretty good quality, 4:30 mins.;

12. Nulle Part Ailleurs; French TV, October 20th, 1999, incl.: “Survive”, “Repetition”, (very) good quality, 8 mins.;

13. Tonight Show With Jay Leno; August 12th, 2002, incl.: “Cactus” (with Moby), good quality, 3 mins.;

14. Hot Click; 06/2002, about winner of photographers contest, Rachel Klink, live footage Roseland 2002, footage of fans outside, photo footage by Rachel, footage of Kevin Mazur talking, interview Rachel, footage of Rachel meeting DB, good quality, 3 mins.;

15. Tech TV; 2002, incl.: about Rachel Klink, winner of photography contest, live footage Roseland, interview with Rachel cut-out, good quality, 30 secs.;

16. TV ad “Heathen”, 2002, incl.: “Slow Burn” promo, good quality, 30 secs.;

17. Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, beginning of “The Hunger”, cut-off cause disc ends, 2 mins.


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