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Do You Remember A Guy…VOL. I;

Items are listed as they appear on DVD - ie sometimes there is more than one concert per title. If you are interested in trading please email me


1. Intruders At The Palace – DB With LaLaLaHumanSteps; incl: “Look Back In Anger”, great quality, 8:40 mins.;

2. “Pretty Pink Rose” promo video; DB collaborating with Adrien Belew, (pretty) good quality, 4:30 mins.;

 3. Tin Machine Interview; Danish TV, incl.: video footage “You Belong In Rock´n´Roll”, interview with Tin Machine (Danish subtitles), rehearsal footage NYC, video footage “One Shot”, interview, various video footage, interview footage ´87 Sweden, video footage, interview, DB getting cake, (very) good quality, 24 mins.;

4. “Unknown”, incl.: DB telling joke, DB + Annie Lennox rehearsing “Under Pressure”, very good quality, 4 mins.;

 5. Top Of The Pops; UK TV, February 29th, 1996, BBC Prime, incl.: DB + Pet Shop Boys “Hallo Spaceboy”, quality ok, 3 mins.;

 6. Wetten Dass…? ´97; ZDF, German TV, incl.: interview (dubbed in German), stupid betting game, “Little Wonder”, pretty good quality, 17 mins.;

7. Wetten Dass…? ´99; ZDF, German TV, October 16th, 1999, incl.: “Thursday’s Child”, good quality, 5:30 mins.;

8. Advert “David Live”, bad quality, 0:30 mins.;

9. Bingolotto ´99; Swedish TV, December 8th, 1999, incl.: “Thursdays Child”, very good quality, 4:20 mins.;

10. Later With Jools Holland ´02; BBC, UK TV, September 20th, 2002, incl.: “Rebel Rebel”, “5:15 The Angels Have Gone”, “Heathen (The Rays)”, very good quality, 14 mins.;

11. Dr. Bowie & Mr. Jones; un film de Gilles Nadeau, ARTE, French TV, 2000, incl.: footage of “Cracked Actor” documentary, various video footage, interview footage ´99 (French subtitles), -cut-, Ziggy footage “My Death”, French voice talks about DB, various video footage, TV footage Old Grey Whistle Test, interview, footage of DB paintings, TV footage “Nationwide”, live footage “Moonage Daydream/Cracked Actor/Time”, TV footage Russell Harty Plus, live footage DB, footage Lou Reed, interview footage ´78, live footage Iggy, TV footage Dinah ´77; -cut-, live footage ´78, footage “Elephant Man”, interview, movie footage, live footage ´87, footage of recording session BTWN, footage DB + LaLaLaHuman Steps, interview, video footage “Miracle Goodnight”, footage of DB unveiling his star ´97, footage of DB receiving French award, footage press conference ´99, various video footage, (very) good quality, 60 mins.;

12. Inte Bara Blix; Swedish TV, December 8th, 1999, incl.: “Survive”, good quality, 4 mins.;

13. TOTP 2; UK TV, 6/2002, incl.: “Fame”, pretty good quality, 3:30 mins.;

14. TOTP2; BBC, 6/2002, incl.: “I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spacecraft”, pretty good quality, 4:15 mins.;

15. “Unknown”, 1991, incl.: “Baby Universal”, “You Belong In Rock´n´Roll”, good quality, 7 mins.;

16. “Unknown”, incl.: “You Belong In Rock´n´Roll”, good quality, 3:30 mins.;

17. “Everyone Says Hi” promo; live clip from Cologne E-Werk 7/2002, very good quality, 3:30 mins.;

18. “Dancing In The Streets” promo; DB + Mick Jagger, pretty good quality, cut-off before end, 3 mins.;

19. “Unknown”, incl.: “You Belong In Rock´n´Roll, cut-off, 2:30 mins


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