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The purpose of this site is to create a large photo archive for free use by anyone. The  photos have been collected from all over the web, as well as scanned from my own hard copy collection.  I do not claim to own any of them (unless otherwise noted) and the site does not use watermarks or insist on credits for use (tho a credit here and there to help promote the site would be nice!). Unfortunately due to the sheer volume of images, and the length of time I have had them sitting on my hard drive I’ve lost track of where most of them came from. However, if you see a photo that belongs to you I am more than happy to credit that photo to you with any information you desire – please email me. Alternatively if you do not want the photo to appear in this collection I apologise and shall remove it immediately upon request. 

 * Please note*

 I will NOT remove photos that are merely scans you have made – only if you own the copyright to the actual photo. However, I am more than willing to credit you for using your scan – please email me.  All credits will be listed on this page and where possible underneath the actual image.

 Concert & Live photos

 All photos from concerts taken by private individuals will be fully credited underneath each image with any information you require, including site links etc.  These photos can also be watermarked with any info you require.  We are always looking for live photos  - if you have any you are willing to contribute please email me.

 If you have any other comments or queries about the crediting policy or this site in general please

email me

 Site & Image Credits

A big acknowledgement goes to the members of the Live Journal Community Bowie Daily, Man Of Music Forum, and Teenage Wildlife  


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